Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perry Minis painted as 7th Tenn

So my post for today is a Black Powder / Regimental Fire and fury project (i haven't decided). My interest in the American Civil War is the early uniforms of the war, so militia of the 1860 to 1861 time period. I'm going to try and recreate some of the brigades of the Battle of First Mananas (Battle of Bull Run).

This is the 7th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry that went west and fought in the first part of the war in Virgina and West Virgina. They were raised mostly in Wilson County and clothed by the ladies of Lebanon (which is the town that my father was born and raised in) though there were a couple of other counties that provided companies for the regiment.

Some of the equipment that I painted is conjectural of course but I tried stay pretty close to the description of the uniform. This will eventually be a 40 man regiment mounted on stands of 4 figs each. For Black Powder I will mount the 4man stands 2 to a bigger stand for 5 stands... did that make since? This is still a WIP, so I need to touch-up mistakes and finish details like the drums and then they will be ready to base, I'm hoping to get the rest of the regiment in the mail soon.

Anyway, I like I said I'm going to be doing a lot of the early uniforms. Next will be Rhodes Island Regiments and and Grey Clad New Yorkers. Then blue clad Louisiana and the Stonewall Brigade will be painted up. I usually try to stick with one manufacture but the Perry's have limited choice in this period so I will be switching to Redoubt miniatures. Redoubt has an amazing amount of choice in recreated the early war stuff.

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  1. Those are coming along nicely. Did you see the new Perry AWI British? I wonder if I could use those and some Napoleonics Dragoons as my AWI British?